Promotion Request Letter

If you want to write letter requesting for your promotion then you must read text on this page. It will be really helpful to your. Promotion request letter has become essential part of your business communication.  But before you go further ahead, there is one very important point to note that if you are not getting your due promotion then you will have to ask for it.

Some people feel ashamed for requesting promotion and they usually hesitate to convey their feelings to the top authorities. But make it clear that its your weakness, if you are satisfying your job responsibilities and demands then your must ask for increase in your salary as well as rank.

For writing promotion request letter there are following important practical and useful tips which must be taken care well.

  • At the start of body of your letter, tell details of your current job rank and other basic information. It is very much important even though you are pretty much sure that the receiver knows all about it but it is essential to mention it.
  • Don’t hesitate to tell about the important achievements you have accomplished following your assigned tasks.
  • If you have contributed any event or task besides your daily routine work then don’t forget to mention it.
  • It there is any appraisal letter you have received from any body then it will be nice idea to include copy of it with the promotion request letter.
  • Also tell about your due date for promotion (write it only if its passed and you are unable to get promotion on the due date).
  • At end thank the receiver for taking time to read your request.
  • Offer the authority that your are available any time if He/She would like to invite you for meeting in this regard.

Now here we come to the sample promotion request letter for your reference.

Promotion Request Letter Sample

[ Your Name with address and contact details ]

[Write here you position in company  alongwith company address and contact details]

Dear Sir,

I am proud to say that I am useful part of your organization from past two years. During this era under your kind guidance I have learned much.

I have managed and completed many projects and have learned lot from my experience but now I think I need to go step ahead. I would like to get a promotion at this point as I have always stood up in all your expectation and I feel that a promotion will help me gain confidence and motivate me. I would love to show my abilities with new bigger responsibilities.

If you still have any doubt about my capability for the promotion then you may discuss it with my colleagues and I hope they will provide you a good picture for decision making. I hope that you will keep motivating your employers and help them gaining confidence as you have always been doing.

Thanks very much for sparing time for reading it. If you need to meet me in person I am always available to discuss this issue further.


Your name.