Character Reference Letter

Character Reference Letter is a very important part of business communication. Although it is highly appreciated if the selection process is based on merit basis yet it is ¬†advised to take care of the references. When you get the reference letter of somebody it boosts your trust in the employee or someone else. So basically character reference letter is written to brief about someone professional behavior with you. Character reference letter writer must write about his/her own relationship with the person and should not state rumors or people’s opinion in it. Just write what you have observed about the person and what you think about person’s professional behavior. Whatever you write keep in mind what the addressee of the letter wants? Addressee want to know about the person and thats why you should truely tell him/her about person character without any filter. ¬†However it is noted in business communication that people normally write about good actions in reference letters excluding the bad ones. Well its happening but you should not fall into it.

Here are some tips for writing quality character reference letter:

  • First of all start you character reference letter with mentioning of your professional relationship with the person. How much time you have worked with that person and state why you qualify for writing a reference letter for that person.
  • Write about the person’s qualities in neutral way. If possible also mention how you noted or observed these qualities.
  • Never ever tell about your personal relationship or any economical relationship with the person. Its a basic mistake and you must avoid it.
  • Don’t write about negative remarks. If you think writing negative is really important then quit at very first moment and make a good excuse for it.
  • Try to capture the mind of the addressee and write the way he/she wants you the write. If you are writing to employer then tell details about how the person’s behavior is during employment. How person behaves with his/her employers/Managers. Writing in this way your character reference letter will be more effective.
  • Notify the addressee about the key points of the CV of the person. Perhaps after your notification, those key points will turn into golden points for the employer. Sometime we don’t give proper attention to someone’s CV but after some person notifies us then we realize the importance.
  • This is a kind of letter which should not be very concise. You should give some extra space for the character reference. But also keep in mind that too lengthy letters are not read completely. It is recommended that you use ONE PAGE policy.
  • In the end don’t forget to write about your contact details so that if addressee wants to talk to you then he/she can find you easily.

Now after reading above wonderful tips, you should be clear about how a quality character reference letter should be written. For the help regarding character reference letter examples you should visit out this post.