Character Reference Letter Examples

After reading our post regarding character reference letter now its time to look for some character reference letter examples.

Without getting an idea from a sample reference letter it is very difficult to write a quality letter.
So these example are for your reference and guidance purposes, don’t try to copy it completely. Change it or customize it before using it.

Character Reference Letter Example 1:

Dear Sir/Madam:
I have been working with [Name] for the last eight years for the [company name] on the position of [your rank]. During this era I have observed excellent professional behavior of Miss/Mr [name] with the management and the colleagues. He/She is very much co-operative and very keen to solve problems quickly. His/Her approach is very much optimistic that’s why she/he always found opportunity in bad times.
I still remember the time when Mr George took over our company and he was very rude to Miss/Mr in his orders. But I was amazed how she/he managed to control Mr. George beautifully and even after some time Mr. George awarded him/her employee of the month award. It clearly signifies that she/he is able to manage every situation that she/he might counter.
I don’t want to take much of you time sir but I just want to ensure you that if you will employ Miss/Mr [Name] in your Organization then it will be very good for your organization
Thanks and Regards
Your Signature
[Contact and Address]
Character Reference Letter Example 2:
To Whom It May Concern

I have been working with Mr/Mrs [name] in a variety of capacities for the last twelve years. He/She was my partner in small business. He/she was the real brain in our small business and although I was the major sponsor of that organization but I always admitted that company was working because of intelligent efforts of Mr/Mrs [name].

He/She is organized, efficient and extremely competent with excellent rapport with people of all ages. His/Her communication skills are excellent no matter if you are talking about written or verbal.

He/She has worked in different types of jobs as well and hence better knows about varieties in the business world. His/Her most important quality is that he/she always keep himself/herself updated. Every new information that becomes available in the market he/she already knew about it. Its just amazing and informative to work with such kind of personality.

In summary, I highly recommend [Name} for any position or endeavor that he/she may pursue. He/She would be a valuable asset to your organization.

You can contact me at any time in the following phone numbers for any question in this regard.

Best Regards

[your name with signature]

[contact and address]